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Hilla Apps is a well-known mobile app publisher in the MENA region. Having been able to publish mobile apps in Egypt, Iraq, UAE, and other GCC countries, along with our international ties and a 360 marketing plan, we have had over 400 Million user acquisitions in the MENA market.

In light of Hilla Apps M-VAS collaborative network, we provide localization and acculturation for each country from Iraq to Egypt Hilla is concentrated on the MENA region mobile users and offers mobile app developers with exceptional publishing services and insight tools.

Hilla Apps provides an extensive range of services, including market research, user acquisition, retention marketing, money collection methods, PR, distribution, and cross-promotion.  Hilla Apps is selective in choosing partners but works restlessly with its partners who have already had a success story in their initial launches.

If you are prepared to grow your service in the MENA region, please do not hesitate to contact Hilla Apps.



We provide a 360 solution for Publishing. We hit it and hit it hard. Our package includes:
Acquisitions Models, ASO, Social Media (Influencers & Promotion), User Support, and Data Analysis.


Hilla Apps Marketing solution includes both Acquisition and Retention Marketing, where we also provide design analysis.
Along with regular, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing, we plan a Public Relations and Community Building Program to boost the organic tail.


Hilla Apps Not only provides you with the optimizations in In-App purchases but also increases the money collection ways, including DCB and Direct Debit Method.


Our localization and acculturation package includes:
  • The Language(s)
  • Art and Graphics
  • Content, especially controversial materials in the target country, focuses on the part of the product's proposed value.


Would you like complete information about our different products and services, or are you looking for more info about Hilla Apps? Download our latest catalogs as a PDF file.

Please note that you will need an Adobe Reader.



Hilla Apps is devoted to localization, distribution, monetization, and marketing of popular and top-notch mobile applications in the MENA market.

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